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A Consumer Proposal is a legal option that allows a person to pay back only a portion of his or her unsecured debts over a specified period of time. Once all agreed upon payments have been made, and the terms of the proposal are completed, the remaining outstanding unsecured debt is discharged.

With a Consumer Proposal:

  • You receive legal protection from creditors.Once your proposal is accepted by the majority of your unsecured creditors, all are bound by its terms. Plus, all communication with your unsecured creditors is done through the trustee, so you do not have to worry about harassing calls from debt collectors any longer. All wage garnishments and legal actions against you from unsecured creditors will stop once your proposal is filed.
  • You can keep all of your assets. When you file a Consumer Proposal, you agree to make the payments as outlined in the proposal. However, you do not lose any of your assets. This means that you will be able to keep your home, your car, your personal items and any RRSPs or RESPs that you have, as your monthly payments will include any potential equity you may have in your home.
  • Consumer proposal payments are fixed. Once your creditors have agreed to your proposal, you are responsible for making the required payments. These payments do not change over the life of the proposal, making it easy to fit them into your monthly budget. You will not need to make ‘surplus income’ payments if your income increases.

Only a Trustee in Bankruptcy can assist you in filing a Consumer Proposal. For more information, please contact us.


A Bankruptcy is a legal process, that provides those who are unable to pay their debts as they become due with a way to eliminate those debts.

In bankruptcy:

  • You receive legal protection from your unsecured creditors.
    They are not able to contact you, send collection agencies after you or start any legal action or wage garnishments. Any existing legal action or wage garnishments will be stopped by the bankruptcy process.
  • If you are filing bankruptcy for the first time, the process usually lasts between 9 and 21 months.
    At the end of the process, if you have fulfilled your duties as outlined by your trustee, you will be discharged from bankruptcy and  your debts will be eliminated.
  • The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act determines the cost of your bankruptcy.
    Your Trustee will ensure that you are able to keep all exempt assets and let you know if you need to make any monthly payments to your creditors. This will depend on your family size, your income and certain other factors which will be explained by your trustee.

The bankruptcy process is governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Any Bankruptcy must be filed through a Trustee in Bankruptcy. For more information and free advice on eliminating your debts, please contact us.


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Meet A Bankruptcy TrusteeFor over 36 years, we have worked with Canadians across the country to resolve debt problems and help people rebuild their financial lives.

The licensed trustees in bankruptcy at A. Farber Vancouver can help you understand the debt relief options that are available to you.

Unlike credit counsellors and debt settlement companies, trustees in bankruptcy are fully licensed by the government of Canada. Becoming a bankruptcy trustee involves years of accredited study and training. Trustees must abide by a strict code of ethics and are required by law to discuss all debt relief options with you.

Bankruptcy trustees have the skill, knowledge and experience needed to give you all of the information that you need so that you can choose the right debt relief option for you. This is different from a debt settlement company which specializes in negotiating a separate deal with each of your creditors. Plus, a bankruptcy trustee is able to utilize the legislation that comprises the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act to provide you with legal protection from your creditors. This protection can stop legal action and wage garnishments against you while also stopping creditors and collection agencies from calling.

For more information on debt relief and how a trustee in bankruptcy can help, please contact our Vancouver office today.

“I just want to let you know that, I am very happy with the services and support that your Team has provide to my wife and I regarding our Consumer Proposal. Since the moment when we arrived to the office for the first time, we felt very welcome and of course we could see we were talking with professional.



“Dealing with Adam at A Faber and Partners was an exceptionally gratifying experience. Adam dealt with us with the utmost respect and courtesy and always made us feel comfortable during our interaction. His guidance and supportive attitude during the entire ordeal was invaluable.

Thank you Adam, your support and guidance was truly invaluable”


“I received my paperwork for being discharged, and I wanted to say thank you!! I have suffered from major anxiety for the last 3 years or so and knowing that you were there to guide, and help me through this was one thing that helped me feel a bit less stressed and happier. So thanks again!!




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